Feel Good Friday: Cubs Nation

How many of us actually know our neighbors? In my case, I know their names and approximate ages and that’s about it. But this week’s story is about what can happen when we actually take the time to know those that live around us.

92-year-old Chicagoan Bill Lill (love it) attended a block party with his neighbors a while back and somehow the conversation led to the revelation that the lifelong Cubs fan had never been to a game in person. Now, some neighbors would be like “oh, that sucks” and move on, but Lill’s neighbors decided to do something about it, arranging to take him to a home game against the Pittsburgh Pirates, even bringing a homemade sign announcing that it was Bill’s first game. Once they figured out what was going on, the crowd around Bill started chanting his name and after a few moments of embarrassment, Bill got in on the action:

The video went viral, with other kind citizens of Cubs nation offering to take Lill to additional games. I’ll be a Red Sox fan until I die, but this is pretty cool. [Via CUBS HQ]

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