Feel Good Friday: Wrong Number, Right Person

We’ve all gotten a text from someone who fat-fingered the wrong number. Most of us ignore it or reply back with something sarcastic. But not a man named Bill in Arizona (eventually).

Bill received this text from a woman named Abby Fink:

Hey brother Jakeman, this is sister Fink, we are bringing you dinner tomorrow I was wondering what time would be a good time to bring it over

“Brother Jakeman” is man named Alex Jakeman, whose son Noah has Lennox Gasteau Syndrome, which is a severe type of epilepsy and cerebral palsy; as a result, he has brittle bones, abnormal brain development, autism and is non-verbal and unable to walk around on his own. Ms. Fink and the Jakemans are members of the same church, and she wanted to send over dinner to the Jakemans while Noah was in the ICU at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

But Abby didn’t send that text to Alex; she sent it to a stranger named Bill, who replied offhandedly, “Ohhh! What are you bringing me, I’m allergic to seafood.”  Abby quickly realized her mistake and replied “Sorry wrong number their little boy is in the ICU and dying.”

Now, Bill could have simply replied, “I’m sorry to hear that” and moved on with his life. Instead, he answered “What can I do to help?” And help he did, raising money on Facebook and asked his network for cards, blood donations and monetary donations to help the family with medical expenses – all for a family he doesn’t even know.

Bill isn’t a member of the Fink and Jakeman’s church; he actually says he’s not a religious person, but believes that “all we have is each other, so it’s our job to look out for each other. It made me realize that no matter how hard that can be, I’m super lucky.”

Bill, a single dad to a teenage son, continued, “My biggest reward for this is having an opportunity to teach my son the lesson of charity.”

Noah isn’t out of the woods yet, but he’s improving slowly – no doubt in some small part due to the kindness of a stranger. [Via CNN]

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