Five People That Had A Worse Weekend Than You: Fines, Fear, and Finlaggan

I’ve got to say, the scaries that come into play on a Sunday when you are coming back from vacation are next level. But even as I sit here having an anxiety attack at the number of emails in my inbox, my weekend was still better than a lot of people’s.

Deandre Somerville

Do you ever have that nightmare where you oversleep and miss something super important, like a test or a meeting or even your own wedding? Whatever it is, I imagine your dream usually doesn’t end in going to jail, which is what happened to Somerville when he overslept.

Somerville serving a jury in a civil case in August when he overslept. As a result of missing his jury service, the 21-year-old from West Palm Beach, Florida, was summoned for a hearing in court last month, at which Judge John Kastrenakis found Somerville in direct contempt of court.

“I just said, ‘Sir, honestly I overslept, and I didn’t understand the seriousness of this.’ He asked me if I had a criminal record. I said, ‘Sir, I’ve never been arrested,'” Somerville told CNN affiliate WPTV. Despite that lack of a criminal record, Kastrenakis sentenced him to 10 days in jail, 150 hours of community service, a written apology of at least 100 words, a year of probation and $233 in fees.

The internet freaked out about Somerville’s sentence, pointing out that that he helps care for his disabled grandfather, has been involved in volunteer efforts in his community, and would have his career prospects damaged by a criminal record. Kastrenakis decided during an appeal to reduce Somerville’s probation, saying “I came to the conclusion it was deserving of punishment. Good people make bad mistakes.” While Somerville has already served his 10 days in jail, his probation was reduced to three months and his community service cut to 30 hours.

I tried to type a few different sentences here, but I’ll just go with W.T.F.? [Via CNN]

Disney World Visitors

Speaking on nightmares – here’s one of my biggest ones.  Passengers were stuck for hours on Saturday night on Walt Disney World’s new Disney Skyliner, an aerial cable car system that takes visitors from hotels to theme parks three stories above the ground while going 11 mph. Yep, I basically would have been up there hyperventilating while waiting to plunge to my death.

According to Aaron Murray, who was stuck in a gondola, said “They didn’t really say the reason that was causing the delay. The message that just kept coming over again and again is that they were sorry for the delay. We were getting better information off of Twitter.” Cue me completely freaking out.

People were stuck for about three hours before firefighters began to evacuate people back to solid ground. According to NBCNews, it was not immediately clear what caused the incident and a statement from Disney said that “The Skyliner will be closed while we look into the details surrounding this downtime. We are working with each guest individually regarding impacts to their visit with us.”

Yeah, I’m gonna stick the monorail. [Via NBCNews]

Scotch Drinkers

I’m just going to say it: The US government is putting a 25% tariff on all single malt Scotch whisky imports starting October 18th. Which means you are going to see the price of some of your favorite beverages is going to be going up.

But wait – it gets worse. The administration is also putting tariffs on some of our other bougie favorites, including parmesan cheese from Italy and olives from France and Spain.

Who’s to blame? Well…I hate to hit a man in the middle of an impeachment, but the tariffs are part of the escalating trade war President Trump has started with the European Union.

You could tweet him about it, but he’s probably too busy to be on Twitter…oh wait, nevermind. Go ahead. [Via Forbes]

Ben Roethlisberger

Now, I don’t have an Apple watch because my addiction to my phone is bad enough without having it strapped to my wrist. But that being said, putting on my FitBit when I get dressed is reflexive, and maybe putting on his Apple watch is the same for Ben Roethlisberger? Either way, it’s a move that’s going to cost him.

On Sunday, the NFL announced that they had fined Roethlisberger $5,000 for a uniform violation because the quarterback wore an Apple watch while he was on the sidelines at Heinz Field when the Steelers played the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday night.

According to ESPN, Roethlisberger is said to be “livid” about the fine and is appealing it. But the rules are pretty clear: NFL policies ban all electric devices that transmit messaging.

Whoops. [Via ESPN]

The Jets, The Dolphins, The Bengals, and The Redskins

Winless five weeks in. Sucks to suck.

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