Feel Good Friday: Presidential Good-Conduct

Everywhere we turn these days, there is conversation about presidential misconduct and impeachment. As much, I figured I’d instead bring you a story this week about one of our former presidents doing some good.

At 95, Jimmy Carter is our oldest living former president. For context, he was president from 1977-1981, before many of our dear Clock Out readers were born. Given that he’s done some pretty significant shit since leaving office (including winning the Nobel Peace Prize for his human rights work), you’d think the guy would chill out in his old age. But nope – not even after a fall and stitches:

Don’t lie – the majority of us would use a fall and 14 stitches as an excuse to take a week off work and binge Big Mouth on Netflix; nevermind that at 95, most of us plan to be living out our final days in a wine-induced haze of senior care. But this dude is out building houses the next day. At 95 years old.

According to Carter, “I fell down and hit my forehead on a sharp edge and had to go to the hospital. And they took 14 stitches in my forehead and my eye is black, as you’ve noticed. But I had a No. 1 priority and that was to come to Nashville and build houses.”

We could all probably take a cue from Carter regarding public service. If only our current president would. [Via SunnySkiez]

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