This Week In Ridiculous Holidays: November 4th – November 10th

Hello, my friends. It’s Sunday night and my beloved Patriots are on, so let’s just get it to with one word: nachos.

Monday, November 4th

National Chicken Lady Day

Ok, come on, this can’t be real.

National Candy Day

Wasn’t that last Thursday?

Color the World Orange Day

This is to recognize Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, which is a chronic pain condition in which high levels of nerve impulses are sent to an affected site. Experts believe that CRPS occurs as a result of dysfunction in the central or peripheral nervous systems. Yikes.

Job Action Day 

I’d really like my job to have a little more inaction.

Traffic Directors Day 

You know, my commute home could use a few more people directing traffic. It’s a shitshow out there.

Tuesday, November 5th

National Doughnut Day

Ok we did this in June, so I have no idea why we are doing this against but I wouldn’t turn down another free donut.

National Love Your Red Hair Day

People with natural red hair are the luckiest people on earth in my opinion.

Wednesday, November 6th

National Nachos Day

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yeah.

National Stress Awareness Day 

I will eat my stress away with nachos.

Saxophone Day

Sup, Kenny G?

Thursday, November 7th

National Cash Back Day 

I’d like all my cash back, please.

National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day

I’ll take any chocolate with almonds.

National Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day

No sick doggos.

National Men Make Dinner Day (Must Cook. No BBQ Allowed!)

Let me know how that goes, ladies.

Friday, November 8th

National Cappuccino Day

Mmmmmmmmm, coffee.

National Harvey Wallbanger Day

Vodka, Galliano, and orange juice? Ok then.

National Parents as Teachers Day

I feel bad for anyone who ever had their parent as a teacher.

National STEM/STEAM Day

I work in science…and I have no idea what these people do.

Saturday, November 9th

National Scrapple Day

“Scrapple, also known by the Pennsylvania Dutch name Pannhaas or “pan rabbit”, is traditionally a mush of pork scraps and trimmings combined with cornmeal and wheat flour, often buckwheat flour, and spices.” No thanks.

Microtia Awareness Day

I’ve never heard of this so…“Microtia is a congenital deformity where the pinna (external ear) is underdeveloped.”

National Louisiana Day

Fun fact: Gueydan, Louisiana is called the ‘Duck Capital of America’

Sunday, November 10th

Marine Corps Birthday

“The United States Marine Corps traces its roots to the Continental Marines of the American Revolutionary War, formed by Captain Samuel Nicholas by a resolution of the Second Continental Congress on 10 November 1775, to raise two battalions of Marines.”

National Forget-Me-Not Day

In case you needed to know what one looked like…

National Vanilla Cupcake Day

I prefer chocolate, but sure, I’ll have one.

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