Feel Good Friday: Running For The Fallen

It will likely surprise no one that I am a nerd who watches the evening news. Actually, I watch the last few minutes of the evening news while I’m waiting for Wheel of Fortune to start while I am working out, which I’m pretty sure makes me an even bigger nerd. But either way, the other night I saw the story of 11 years old Zechariah Cartledge and knew it would be a great fit for bringing on a case of the Friday fee-fees.

Zechariah, from Winter Springs, Florida, was inspired by New York’s Tunnel to Towers 5K to run a mile every time there a first responder death in the U.S. He started this when he was 8; so far this year, he’s run 283 miles.

“All I think about during the runs is the fallen heroes, the fallen officers, the fallen firefighters, their families. That’s my mission for the run,” Zechariah said.

He continued, adding, “That final lap is the final goodbye. I want to give it all on that final lap, to show how much of a great man or woman this officer was.”

You can watch the story on Zechariah here. Dare you not to tear up a little bit.

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