The Monday Morning Pick-Me-Up: Dogs, Waffle House, and The Cutest Couple

I actually don’t have to work today, but I know that a lot of you do, so I wanted to write my regular Monday morning column for all of you to read while I attempt to sleep in. And my attempt, I mean, sleep like one-hour past when I usually do. Enjoy, my friends!

A Very Good BOYd

My beloved Patriots had a bye week this week, but they still managed to give me a gift on Sunday, introducing me to their new field crew member:

Boyd is a five-year-old border collie-husky mix who started his career as a field crew dog back in Maryland, where his owner, Ryan Bjorn, worked at a place called SoccerPlex and Boyd’s main job was chasing geese off the field. When Ryan got the job as the Gillette Stadium field superintendent a few weeks ago, Boyd came with him, running laps around the field before Patriots’ practices to “to ensure it’s clear and ready for them to get to work.”

Boyd also has another big job coming up – he will stand next to Ryan as his “best dog” when Ryan gets married next week – formal wear and all.

According to Ryan, both Boyd’s newfound fame and his status in his human’s wedding are well-deserved: “Man’s best friend is a real thing, and he is that guy.” [Via Patriots]

The Oldest Living Couple In The World

I literally can’t imagine living with someone for 8 years, nevermind 80. But that’s how long John Henderson and his wife, Charlotte will be married come December 15th.

At 106 and 105, respectively, John and Charlotte, of Austin, Texas, were named the World’s Oldest Living Couple last week by the Guinness Book of World Records. For you college football fans, John is also the oldest living former University of Texas football player; he’s gone to at least one Longhorn game every year for the last 84 years and he and Charlotte even live in the Longhorn Village, a senior living community associated with a University of Texas alumni group.

Anyway, back to this incredible marriage. The couple met at UT in 1934 and married in 1939 during the Great Depression. In the age of ridiculous honeymoons, it’s worth nothing they spent just $7 on the hotel room for their honeymoon.

When asked about what the key to their longevity, John kept it simple: Live life in moderation and be cordial to your spouse. Good call. [Via CNN]

These Waffle House Guests

I’ve only been to a Waffle House once, and I will admit it wasn’t the best meal I’ve ever had. But hearing about what happened at one particular Waffle House in Alabama does give me a little bit more faith in humanity.

Last weekend, Ethan Crispo stopped into the Waffle House in Birmingham and noticed things didn’t seem right: there was only one staff person working. But then he noticed something else: other guests pitching in to help.

In an email recounting of the story, Crispo wrote: “From the blue, a man from the bar stands up. Asks Ben for an apron, and begins to work behind the counter. It was a transition so smooth I initially assumed it was a staff member returning to their shift. It wasn’t. It was a kind stranger. A man who answered the call. Bussed tables, did dishes, stacked plates.” That one stranger was soon followed by a few others.

Humanity isn’t completely destroyed yet, my friends. [Via]

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