Animal Accounts You Need To Follow On Instagram Right Now

As a professional HR lady, one of the things I do rather regularly is coach employees on how to deal with stress at work. A technique I often advise is to find something that you can quickly do to bring yourself back to “center.” This usually is something like deep breathing, taking a walk, or my personal favorite – looking at animal accounts on Instagram.

So as a public service to you, my dear readers, I wanted to share some of my favorite animal accounts that you may not know about. Yes, I follow the classics of the genre such as We Rate Dogs and Thoughts of A Dog, but there are some underdogs (and cats and bunnies) out there that deserve our attention.


Followers: 15.6k

I need to say this before you start following and then start crying. Hugs Bunny, the sick kick to dog Bear, recently passed away. But a few tears are worth it to see this *smol* creature and his best friend conquer their household while their mom Karen videos and captions their antics. Also, Hugs’ brother, Mighty Smols, will be joining the family soon, so their adventures will continue.


Followers: 14.3k

I found Mr. Bruce Willis (the cat, not the actor) after reading a story on Facebook about how his mom came to adopt the FIV+ former street cat, and I must say, his Instagram stories are now a fav part of my day. The adorable dude with the misshapen ear and permanent look of “WTF, feed me” is a definite pick me up for any downer of a day.


Followers: 37.4k

Need a pawsitive message along with some cute dog pics? Look no further than Ace, a dalmatian/pitbull mix who shares some profound messages, often while dressed up in costume.


Followers: 19.1k

The “Chief Executive Doodle” of Crooked Media, you may think that Leo’s feed would be full more politics than puppers, but given that his platform includes “fighting for better toys, more string cheese, and longer walks” on top of “a political revolution that will deliver social and economic justice for all,” there’s plenty of furry action here to please even the most conservative of dog lovers (or at the very least, middle of the road Democrats.)


Followers: 46.1k

His Instagram description reads ” I’m the spicy a-hole cat from @friends4lifeorg,” so you know this has got to be good.

Quilty gained notoriety when a saucy Facebook post detailing his efforts to free the other senior cats from their room at Friends For Life Animal Rescue and Adoption Organization in Houston by continually opening the door went viral. I’ve got to say, whoever runs this organization’s (and Quilty’s) social media is a sarcastic marketing genius and I am 100% here for it. A sample from Quilty’s insta:

Every great movement starts with one rebel. One voice. One set of paws that turn the cultural knob of progress. And we live in a time that there are certainly plenty of knobs preventing progress. The #freeQuilty movement is about overcoming all the knobs that stand in our way. Some knobs are people and some are policies… advocated by people who… are knobs. Together, we are going after them. Ruthlessly. Relentlessly. On the interwebs. In donning our freeQuilty gear. Because, not to put too fine a point on it, it isn’t the doors that are the problem—it’s the knobs.

Quilty was adopted this past weekend, but I’m hoping his new family will keep up his fantastic Insta posts. From the look of their outfits, I’d say they are into it.


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