Feel Good Friday: Happy Meal

I know it’s crazy to think that there used to be a time that we couldn’t get whatever foods we wanted delivered right to our doorstep, but it actually really wasn’t that long ago – in fact, it’s less time than 5-year-old Charlie Skabelund has been alive. So it totally makes sense that Charlie called 911 looking for a McNuggets. What happens next is the stuff of feel good Fridays.

Charlie called 911 and asked the operator who answered his call if he had reached the Golden Arches. The operator asked if Charlie had an emergency, he responded by asking for a Happy Meal and hanging up. Now, if you’d ever accidentally dialed 911, you know that even if you call back and apologize for the mistake, they usually send someone out to do a welfare check anyway. Which is what Officer Randolph “Scott” Valdez of the Mesa, Arizona, Police Department did…bringing along Charlie’s requested Happy Meal.

Charlie’s mom, Kim, told CNN, “We were so appreciative of how Officer Valdez handled the situation. He taught Charlie a valuable lesson that day, not only how to use 911 appropriately, but also how to treat others with love and kindness.” Sounds like Charlie got the message – he shared his Happy Meal with his sister.

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