This Week In Ridiculous Holidays: November 25 – December 1

I’m gonna be honest – I’m writing this during a break from writing my dissertation so unless you want to hear a bunch of statistics you don’t care about, let’s just get to it.

Monday, November 25

National Play with Day Day


National Parfait Day

Depends on what kind, honestly.

Blase´ Day

Like I’m ever blase´. I don’t know how.

Shopping Reminder Day

Like I need anyone to remind me to shop.

Tuesday, November 26

National Cake Day

I’m saving room for stuffing, personally.

Wednesday, November 27

National Bavarian Cream Pie Day

STUFFING, damn it.

National Craft Jerky Day

Big ups to Madoff – he makes tasty homemade beef jerky.

Tie One On Day

I don’t think I can face my family with a hangover.

National Jukebox Day 

Haven’t these been replaced by Spotify?

Thursday, November 28

National French Toast Day

Oh come on. Only rookies eat carbs before Thanksgiving dinner.

National Day of Mourning 

Well, this is sort of depressing.

Thanksgiving Day 

Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Stuffing time.

Turkey-free Thanksgiving 

This is not the kind of Thanksgiving I care for, but to each his own.

Friday, November 29

Electronic Greetings Day

I prefer an actual holiday card, please and thank you.

National Day of Listening 

…to my alarm not going off since I don’t have to work.

National Native American Heritage Day 

Educate yourself.

Black Friday – Day After Thanksgiving


Buy Nothing Day

I never ever shop on Black Friday. It’s for amateurs.

Flossing Day 

Um, can you please do this every day?

Maize Day 

Don’t we each corn on Thanksgiving?

You’re Welcomegiving Day


Saturday, November 30

National Personal Space Day

So valuable.

National Mason Jar Day

Aren’t mason jars over yet?

National Mousse Day

I’m still full from Thursday.

National Meth Awareness Day

I was going to make a joke, but it’s not really funny. Learn more here.

Computer Security Day

On a weekend? Really?

Stay Home Because You’re Well Day

I’ll take any excuse to stay home, honestly.

National Mississippi Day

Fun fact: Mississippi residents go to church more than people in any other U.S. state. There are also more churches in Mississippi per capita (for each person) than in any other state in the country. Makes sense.

Small Business Saturday

More shopping? Yes please!

Sunday, December 1

National Pie Day

*Leftover pie from Thursday.

National Eat a Red Apple Day

What would I do that when there’s leftover pie?

Bifocals at the Monitor Liberation Day

Ok, what?

Day With(out) Art Day

God, I wish I was in any way artistic.

Rosa Parks Day

Learn more about her here.

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