Five People That Had A Worse Weekend Than You: ‘Bama, Black Sunday, and Drizzy

It’s Sunday. It’s snowing. The Patriots game is about to start. Let’s do this.

Movie Goers in Washington

Imagine that you just wanted to avoid the shopping crowds on Black Friday and catch a movie. And then imagine that you get evacuated from that movie due to, of all things, contagious pee. If you were at the North Bend Theater in North Bend, Washington on Friday, you don’t have to imagine because that’s what happened.

On Friday, a package containing urine samples and marked “highly contagious human substance” was delivered to the movie theater, despite the fact that it was addressed to a medical clinic in Tacoma about 45 miles away. Once the package was discovered, the theater was evacuated, streets around the theater were cleared, and the manager was taken to the hospital as a precaution. Luckily, it all turned out to be for naught, and theater reopened on Saturday. [Via CNN]


Actually, it would probably be more accurate to say people who wanted to eat at Drake’s restaurant in Toronto, Pick 6ix, since it closed abruptly.

But the interesting part of the story is why the troubled venue shuttered. Drake’s people and the restaurant’s Instagram say the closure is temporary due to the repair of some “flooding issues;” while Eater says that “the blingy sports bar was $67,000 behind on its rent, and its lease was terminated as a result.” – and that that was before the “flooding issues.”

Either way, Drake didn’t have a great November – he was booed at a show in L.A. and now this. Hopefully December is nicer to Drizzy. [Via Eater]


After a 48-45 loss to Auburn in the Iron Bowl on Saturday, Alabama will not make the college football playoff for the first time since the system’s inception in 2014, ending their streak as the only team to make it every year under the current system.

Anyone else really happy to not have to hear “Roll Tide” into January? [Via ESPN]

Black Sunday Victims

Speaking of college football, it was a bad weekend for several college coaches. With the final weekend of regular season college football is now complete, so begin the firings:

USC is expected to fire coach Clay Helton on Monday.

USF fired coach Charlie Strong on Sunday.

Boston College fired coach Steve Addazio on Sunday.

UTSA fired coach Frank Wilson on Sunday.  

Missouri fired coach Barry Odom on Saturday.

On person who is probably safe? Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh, despite fans’ calls for his ouster.

The Houston Texans

Ok, so I am writing this at 7:37pm on Sunday night, but I’m relatively sure the Texans doomed themselves to losing to my beloved Patriots by dressing like this to arrive at the game:

And if by some chance I’m wrong…..yeah, probably not.

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