This Week In Ridiculous Holidays: December 2 – December 8

Fritters. Cookies, Chocolate cake. Brownies. And Ninjas.

Monday, December 2

National Fritters Day

Big fan of corn fritters.

National Mutt Day

Mutts are the best!

Special Education Day

God bless the people that do this for work.

Cyber Monday

I’m happy to share my Amazon wish list if you are looking for someone to shop for.

Tuesday, December 3

National Roof Over Your Head Day

Be thankful you have one. Help those who don’t. (Even instead of buying me something from Amazon.)

National Day of Giving – #GivingTuesday

Make a donation, you selfish fucks.

Wednesday, December 4

National Cookie Day

Live shot of me at my cookie exchange this weekend:

Image result for cookie monster gif

National Sock Day

Question: Who sleeps with socks on? I can’t do it.

National Package Protection Day

No, not that kind of package. Like the ones Amazon leaves on your front steps for people to steal.

Thursday, December 5

National Sacher Torte Day

It’s a fancy chocolate cake. I’m here for it.

Bathtub Party Day

Nope, bath time is me time.

International Ninja Day

Like, ninja turtles?

Friday. December 6

National Microwave Oven Day

How else would I make popcorn?

National Gazpacho Day

Why would I eat cold soup in December?

St. Nicholas Day

Raise your hand if you thought this was 12/25.

Image result for raise hand gif

National Bartender Day

Be sure to toast – and tip – yours when you go out tonight.

Saturday, December 7

National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Pretty important, actually.

National Illinois Day

Fun fact: Illinois is home to the world’s largest bottle of ketchup.

National Cotton Candy Day

I never really got the appeal.

National Rhubarb Vodka Day


Skywarn Recognition Day

Hey, I like knowing the weather just as much as the next person.

Sunday, December 8

National Brownie Day

One of my favorite desserts.

Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day


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