Feel Good Friday: Airport Pig

I think we can all agree that the breadth of “therapy” animals is getting out of control. Seriously, a therapy chicken? Come on now. I even probably would have scoffed at the idea of a therapy pig…until I met LiLou.

LiLou is part of San Francisco International Airport’s the Wag Brigade, a team of animals (mainly dogs) who are certified by the SPCA through their Assisted Animal Training Program, and then roam the airport terminals offering emotional support to nervous fliers or just putting smiles on people’s faces – because how can a pig in a captain’s hat NOT make you smile?

Her Instagram is totally worth a follow – not only does it include her adventures at SFO, but also her hobbies, which include going to the beach, playing the piano, and a good game of cornhole.

You can learn more about LiLou and her follow canines in the Wag Brigade (including their Instagrams) here. All I have to say is that Boston’s Logan International Airport needs to get their crap together – the only thing that puts a smile on my face there is taking off.

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