Submit Content

So you want to write for us, huh? Well, we’d love to hear from you. Here’s our long-awaited submission process:

Submit your written piece in a Word document with email to and include your commenter user name in the email. Submissions that do not have a commenter user name in the email will not be considered – seriously. Haven’t made one yet? Here’s how. 

Content must be well-written, spell-checked, and all around not shitty for us to consider publication. Also, if you reference other content, it must be cited with a hyperlink.

News pieces should have a 300 minimum word count and have a citation from their original source. Long-form columns should have a minimum of 700 words.

We will review your content and let you know if it will be published, and if not, we’ll do our best to provide some feedback so you can try again. No submission black holes here. But please be patient as that we all have real jobs that pay the bills in addition to producing awesome content.

So that’s it. Pretty easy, right? Now get writing.

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